Swing Speed and Grip for Best Golf Distance Now

Published: 04th March 2010
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The number one tip you'll find throughout the world of golf help is, increase you're club head speed and they're absolutely right. The speed of your swing will equate to much of your driving distance. Maximize your speed, maximize your impact and maximize your distance in turn. It's simple laws of physics.
But equally as important as gaining the speed you need, is doing it properly. There are many key things to pay attention to as you work on fulfilling your swing potential. For every 1 mile per hour you increase your swing speed, you stand to gain anywhere from 2 to 3 yards on average. However, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. If you focus too much on raising your speed and forget to adjust your balance accordingly, you stand to lose a lot more.
Believe it or not, your swing gets it's momentum, not so much from your arms but from your core and back as you pivot. In fact, the arms are just the catalyst for which you carry the swing rather than the driving force behind the swing itself.
Keep your arms loose. The tighter your muscles, the less overall speed you can generate. If you ever catch a baseball game, notice the way that a batter loosens up before he gets up to bat. If the muscles are flexed, it constricts your tendons pulling them tighter, making them tense and making your arms more difficult to swing. Gaining speed from raw power and muscle work is counter intuitive. Think about it, if it was as easy as big muscles, every golfer would look like a football player. Golf is a game of finesse not raw strength
Focus on winding up farther. The farther you can pivot the body on your back swing, the more distance you put between your club head and the ball. This gives you more time for the momentum to build. Careful not to twist too far you wouldn't want to strain your back. That would put a damper on your game for a while. Pivot as much as possible but always keep it comfortable.
Also,take a look at your arch. The wider your arch on your back swing, just like the pivoting of the body, creates more distance to the point of contact, thereby generating more room to build velocity. The farther you can get that club head behind you, while still maintaining comfort, the better off your swing will be. Get that full arm extension and hold it all the way through.
Stature also plays a large role in gaining speed. Work on maintaining your posture all the way through the swing. Keep your body and spine straight and in proper alignment throughout the entire swing. If your shoulders drop and you lose posture, you lose that all important distance between the ball and club, again reducing speed.
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